Our ultra modern olive press

From generations of traditional knowledge to modern technological expertise.

In our quest to produce the best possible olive oil: to the ingredients of traditional, natural cultivation methods and healthy olive varieties we must also add the contribution of modern technology to olive oil production methods.

Our state of the art olive press at Agia Eleni Estate in Trizinia is environmentally-friendly and has been constructed in full accordance with international standards and certifications. It may come as a surprise to know that there are many different types of olive presses, both traditional and modern, each of which may have subtle and not so subtle effects on the quality of the olive oil.

Since our olive press was completed in early 2011, our experts were able to take full note of the latest advances in olive production and select the most efficient installations.

Olives need to be picked at just the right time and, once picked, with exposure to air and light, they quickly begin to deteriorate in a process known as oxidation. At Evoolution, we combine technology with methodology and guarantee consistently high quality results


A short description of the Evoolution methodology:

  • Our Evoolution teams are on site at harvest time in order to ensure the best quality olives are selected.
  • Olives are transferred to the press without delay, where they are washed and any leaves removed, and the olive fruit immediately cold-pressed.
  • When the olives arrive at the press they are processed in small batches for better quality control. Each batch produced is recorded with its own Lot number and samples are tested in our on-site laboratory.

lives are sensitive to heat and many older-technology presses are unable to prevent temperatures creeping up during all production stages. This affects not only the aroma and taste but also the beneficial polyphenol content. Evoolution guarantees its olives are cold-extracted at a steady temperature of below 27°C throughout.

  • Our olive press is two-phase, with the result that the fresh fruit juice or olive oil produced with Evoolution methodology never comes into contact with water. This is important, since the vitamins and natural antioxidants in olive oil, known as polyphenols, are water-soluble.
  • Once extracted, the olive oil is stored in airtight stainless steel drums, where it remains under ideal climate-controlled conditions, until it is needed for bottling.
  • With this methodology, we are able to control the complete chain of olive oil production, from grove to bottle.
  • Our olive oil is not mass-produced, we follow nature’s rhythms. This means that we produce a limited amount of olive oil every season.